We have developed and are continiuesly making new parts and testing ideas for high performance motorcycles. In this section you will only find parts that are tested on the racetrack in actual races/qualifying/practices and have passed with flying colors. We believe that only these parts are good enough to offer to You. They are not cheap but they work in extrem conditions.


Aprilia RSV1000 2004-2009


"Ultra Linear Linkage" is the first custom-made billet product to be released from SpoonValley Racing. During our time out on the track evaluating the logged data it became very clear that the Aprilia Progressive rear suspension linkage has a bad effect on rear grip and stroke of the swingarm. It's desiged to be used on a streetbike with a possible passenger but on the racebike this is not a problem. What the stock linkage does is that when you reach about 80-85mm stroke you will actually get a harder suspension due to a different ratio in the linkage, perfect for having a passenger but not so good for a racebike. Our "Ultra Linear Linkage" has an extremely linear ratio and you will NOT get harder suspension at the end of stroke.



Four advantages with this linkage are:


1. Linear suspension, gives you better traction out of corners and better lifespan of your rubber.


2. Because you can use ALL of the available rear stroke you can have more sag and during braking you will have more travel left to still have your rear wheel on the ground, that means stable braking and better traction.


3. It will raise the rear about 10-15mm if you don't shorten the shock, but the ratio will make it softer and give you a little more sag.


4. Made out of high-grade aluminium (6082-T6) and hard-anodized it strengthen your stock linkage and the linkplates are way tougher then stock.


Linkage comes with 4 new bearings and 4 new seals, NOT the pins, you can use your stock if they are ok otherwise buy Aprilia original parts. Everything pre-assembled.


Price: 3500SEK (inc 25%VAT)


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SpoonValley Racing  2011